Databoards (Lower Primary) – Ice-creams or lollipops

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Title: Databoards (Lower Primary) – Ice-creams or lollipops
Author: Ron Smith
Description: This teacher resource describes an activity in which students practise reading grid coordinates, constructing bar graphs and considering notions of fair and unfair. Students construct a bar graph while playing a game using a 'biased' board, before designing an alternative gameboard and justifying their decision making with the class. The resource includes instructions to the teacher, suggestions for observing, questioning, reflecting on and varying the activity, a list of maths outcomes, a gameboard and score sheet, and a blank game board.
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Resource format: application/pdf
Learning area: Mathematics
Measurement and Geometry: Location and transformation
Statistics and Probability: Data representation and interpretation
General capabilities: Numeracy
Year level: 1; 2; 3
Key learning objectives:
  • Students generate data using a two-way table.
  • Students construct, summarise and interpret a bar graph.
  • Students use knowledge of ratios and fractions.
  • Students describe notions of 'fair or unfair' and justify their decision making.
  • Students read grid coordinates.
Educational value:
  • Provides an activity structure in which students read two-way tables, create and interpret bar charts, and consider notions of fairness.
  • Provides a fun and hands-on approach that caters for different learning styles.
  • Includes suggestions for teacher observation and questioning, prompts for whole class discussion, and student activity boards and worksheets.
Keywords: Bar charts; bar graphs; chance; Data analysis; Data representation; Fractions; grid coordinates; grid references; maths games; notions of fair and unfair; Number (Mathematics); Number games; Ratios; sorting and classifying data; Statistics and probability; summarising and interpreting data; Tables (Data); two-way tables; using mathematical language
ScOT topics: Bar charts; Data analysis; Data representation; Fractions; Grid references; Number (Mathematics); Number games; Ratios; Statistics and probability; Tables (Data)
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